How To Build with Straw Bales

The photos on this page outline the basic step-by-step process of building a straw bale home. This home is a 1000 square foot, off-grid, two story straw bale home.  It features a super insulated slab on grade floor, round post and beam straw bale walls, and R80 cellulose ceiling insulation.  Its electrical energy is harvested through a 825 watt solar array and domestic hot water is produced through a flat plate solar collector in the summer months, and a water jacket on the wood fired cook stove in the winter months. 

Straw Bale house building has existed for decades.  Recently, straw bale building has seen many technological improvements and has successfully passed rigorous CMHC testing.  Straw bale walls use an easily accessible and renewable agricultural product and boast an R-rating of 40 plus.  That's twice the R-rating of a conventional frame wall! 


Highly insulated slab on grade foundation Floor area ready for concrete
Greywater system ready for capping and backfilling
Post and Beam wall framing begun
Roof Truss installation
Evening light through unfinished roof Steel roofing installed Installation of straw bales walls begun
Straw Bale wall ready for mesh, sewing and plastering
Mesh being applied to straw bale walls
'Sewing' of straw bale walls Plastering

Plastering complete Nearing completion Staircase and natural light through transom Completed Straw bale home with Solar Panel Array installed!