Compact Home on Trout Lake

The joy of home building begins at the drafting table, and continues through Spring, Summer and Fall. Designing buildings in harmony with their settings is a first step. Mitigating the damage that construction places on the environment is essential for your children's sake. This home uses mostly recyclable materials, and sequesters carbon in the structure, to slow down CO2 emissions.



 The patio stones under the 2nd floor balcony lead to these stone stairs, which lead to a dock on the lake. Very little of the existing trees and shrubs were cut, keeping the lakeside in a natural state interrupted only by these stairs.Upstairs balcony is entered from the main bedroom, and well sheltered by the roof. Timberframe construction, with a cedar upper deck, enjoys the quiet view of the lake. The siding is 12" pine board and battens creating this water-draining 100 year siding 
The sheltered entrance-way was built with a very small footprint,namely two concrete piers, vertical cedar posts, braces, and truss assembly. Pine stairs with a landing. Built off-site, in the workshop.
Mix stain was chosen for the treads, risers, rails and balusters.