Your home can support your deepest needs for comfort, security and renewal; from the first moment the morning sunlight brightens your breakfast table, to your final relaxing hour before sleep.

When you are planning a new home or addition, you have an opportunity to build an environment that compliments your life, and gives you the needed space to fulfill your daily activities.

You may already know the look and feel that you want in your new home, or we can start fresh and discuss all the possibilities.

If you are interested in building a sustainable home, and enjoying off-grid independence, we have the experience to help you assess your site and plan your most suitable and efficient energy systems.

We offer choices, knowledge and experience to design integrated earth-friendly features like solar and wind electrical systems, rainwater catchment, greywater management systems, passive solar design and alternative hot water heating options.

Living Sol offers floor plan design and layout services for your new home or cottage, as well as interior design services to make your home uniquely yours.

Qualified Designer under the Ontario Building Code.


 Floor Plan of Residence-detail
 Cross Section of Cottage-detail


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